Wild mountain pistachios roasted salted in-shell pistachio kernels from Uzbekistan

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Our wild naturally small-sized Pistachios are:
• from wild pistachios
• very close connection to nature
• 100% purely natural
• stronger flavour
• sun-dried/solar-dried
• laser cleaned and exclusively selected
• premium quality
• undergo several controls
• in slow-roasted
• vegan

Eating pistachios regularly can result in quite substantial health benefits! Research has shown that the polyunsaturated fatty acids contained in pistachios stabilise blood cholesterol levels, reduce blood pressure and inhibit inflammatory reactions.

Further benefits include the high level of B vitamins, vitamin A and E, magnesium, phosphorous and manganese. Vitamin E is an antioxidant, protecting our bodies from harmful oxidation, free radicals and stabilising the cell membranes. Pistachios also provide the body with calcium, iron, potassium and zinc.

They are an excellent choice as part of a balanced healthy diet.

Our wild mountain pistachios grow in remote forests, far from human civilisation. The quiet secluded conditions allow the pistachios to ripen undisturbed, developing their full potential. You can taste the difference, since wild pistachios have a stronger flavour and a hint of nature's wild origins. It is thought that the mix of nutrients and vital substances in wild growing pistachios is superior to that of pistachios ripening in normal conditions. Above all, the quality is practically of the same grade pistachios originally had.

Origin and Production:
We source our organic wild pistachios exclusively from a remote mountainous region in Uzbekistan / Samarkand. Large parts of the region are certified for organic and FAIRTRADE products, and are cultivated by the FAIRTRADE farmers living there. The farmers are part of a large Fairtrade community made up of 3 groups, Dustkul Bogi and Turob Bobo. 1,000 farmers and their families belong to the community. By working with Fairtrade, the farmers can provide their families with a secure income and offer their children new opportunities.

After harvesting, the pistachios are gently dried using solar energy. The drying process is very eco-friendly, using a solar drying method that has a minimal impact on the product.

Product purity:
The pistachios are pressure treated and laser cleaned in Austria. During the pressure process, the combination of pressure and time ensures that the product is completely free of pests. When undergoing several rounds of cleansing in the laser cleaning facility afterwards, the organic pistachios are checked individually.

ingredients: wild mountain roasted pistachios, sea salt (1%)

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