Lemberona – vitalizing food for body and soul

„Be good to your body, so that your soul will yearn to live in it.“ (Theresa Ávila). Your body is a unique, incredibly precious instrument, reacting with extreme sensitivity to energetic, neurological and biochemical processes. These complex bodily functions and interrelations cannot continue indefinitely without you taking positive action. A natural, balanced diet is one of the most important elements for your health and general well-being. By providing your body with healthy, nutritious foods, you give it all the nutrients and vital substances it needs for physical and mental energy, in the interests of optimal performance. „Love your body and be good to it.“ Each individual chooses what kinds of foods he eats, but not everyone makes the right choices. It´s up to you to eat the right foods – we know how difficult that can be when it comes to the details – it´s hard giving up things you love, habits or eating patterns you´ve had since childhood. As it´s your responsibility to value the body you have, to look after it and keep it healthy, it makes sense to choose foods that are full of energy and vibrant. In view of the social and environmental conditions in which food is “industrially produced”, it should be an easy decision to make! Choose organically pure, healthy, wholesome food, produced sustainably and with the greatest care – each and every day, for your body´s sake. „Vitalizing your body with good nutrition choices from Lemberona“ Lemberona not only produces in accordance with strict organic and FAIRTRADE guidelines, but also focuses on sustainability, using only foods that are clean, GMO-free, without preserving agents or added oil, yeast, lecithin or salt. Ongoing close contact to our partners worldwide gives rise to new ideas, creating fair products, put into practice with gentle production and processing methods. If we take from nature´s almost inexhaustible bounty, we must do it in a sustainable way. To satisfy customer demand, we have supplemented our wide range of healthy products with nutritional advice. You can find more information and our entire product range at www.lemberona.com