Welcome to our production facilities in Unterradlberg. We´re pleased that you have taken the time to learn more about our company. Let´s start our tour before we get inside the production building, since you´re sure to have noticed the large solar panels around the entrance. We use them to generate electricity for part of our works.

After changing our clothes, cleansing our hands and completing all safety measures, we go along a long corridor into our storage area. This is where our produce is neatly arranged and stored, selected from the finest sources around the world. The pressure disinfestation chamber, a large metal tube resembling a submarine, is also located in the main store. The pressure created in the chamber over time ensures that any pests in the goods are rendered harmless.


The production area is immediately adjacent to the storage area, and is where the products undergo laser cleaning as an initial step. The facilities are programmed specifically for our product range, so that all foreign bodies can be removed from the produce.



Thorough quality checks are carried out on all our products before they are packaged on our filling line. We fulfil all IFS quality criteria at a very high level, optimising our procedures at regular intervals.


During the past, few months we have expanded our plant and can now not only grind nuts, but chop them too. We also have the equipment to produce fresh gluten free flours and flakes. For the first time, we have the capacity to produce nut butter, which are especially intense in flavour. Our products are gluten free, vegan and kosher. On behalf of the entire Lemberona team, we´d like to thank you for your interest and the trust you have in our products. Merken