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Organic Parsley leaves broken Fairtrade
Organic Carob Syrup
Lemberona Organic Carob Syrup 5.5 kg
€14,99 / kg
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Cinnamon Quills Organic
Lemberona Cinnamon Quills Organic
From €9,99
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Organic Cloves powder
Lemberona Organic Cloves powder
From €9,99
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Organic Cloves whole
Lemberona Organic Cloves whole
From €9,99
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Organic green pepper Fairtrade
Organic Ginger slices FAIRTRADE
Lemberona Organic Ginger slices FAIRTRADE 5 kg
€34,99 / kg
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Organic Saffron
Lemberona Organic Saffron
From €60,99
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Organic Oregano crushed FAIRTRADE
Lemberona Organic Oregano crushed FAIRTRADE 5 kg
€24,99 / kg
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Organic Tapioca Manioc Cassava syrup 1x25kg

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